Economic Contributions of Contra Costa County Agriculture

Agriculture is an important driver of our local economy. According to a new study commissioned by the Department of Agriculture, Contra Costa County agriculture pumped $225.0 million into the local economy in 2013 and supported more than 2,000 jobs.

To put the contribution in perspective, Contra Costa County agriculture pumped over $600,000 into the county economy per day, or just over $25,000 per hour.

The study was conducted by Drs. Jeff Langholz and Fernando DePaolis of Agricultural Impact Associates, a California consulting firm specializing in economic analyses. Highlights include:

•    Of the $225.0 million in total economic contribution, $154.2 million came from direct economic output. An additional $70.8 million came from expenditures by agriculture companies and their employees

•    Of the 2,277 total jobs agriculture supported, 1,735 were direct employees. The remaining 542 jobs were made possible through expenditures by agriculture companies and their employees

•    With a Diversity Index score of 2.67, Contra Costa County agriculture has exceptional economic diversity that increases its resiliency to economic shocks while providing critical economic stability to the county

This is the first comprehensive economic analysis of the agricultural industry done in Contra Costa County. You can read it here.