Fraud Notification Program

Since 2011, in cooperation with the leadership of Recorder Steve Weir, the Office of the District Attorney and the Office of the County Recorder created a program to preemptively protect homeowners from fraudulent transfers of ownership.  This program requires the Recorder’s Office to immediately send out a letter to every homeowner whose title has been transferred to a different homeowner.  The bilingual letter asks the original homeowner(s) whether they were aware that title to their home has been transferred to another person. (A copy of the questioned document is provided for the review of the homeowner.)  If they are not aware, the original homeowner(s) is directed to call a newly created “fraud hotline” at the District Attorney’s Office.  A DA paralegal answers the numerous calls to ferret out the curious from the true victims of fraud, and creates daily reports.  DA Senior Inspectors are assigned to investigate all allegations of fraud.